The real GOD does NOT want blood.
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The real GOD does NOT want blood.
Many years ago, our primitive and superstititous ancestors used to murder their own children to appease their angry gods. Then, they became more sophisticated, and they took to murdering other people and their children. Then they advanced to slaughtering cows or camels or sheep ; still later they advanced to slaughtering one special man, a "final sacrifice, once and for all". But always, the principle was the same: centuries of unbelievers telling you that "god wants blood, Blood, BLOOD". And the reason for this is simple:
All the "Gods" of the unbelievers are Devils.
It is precisely because of this perverted bloodlust that the world is so overwhelmed by evil. We the people have been whipped and bloodied, raped and bastardized by those whose true allegiance is to the Devil down in hell. And this evil has grown more horrible over the years and centuries, more brutal and hate filled, sick and perverted. And now, in its last days, this evil has stopped pretending any love for GOD.
The evil ones say
that they will make the world a "workers paradise"; all they need to do is to get rid of all those stubborn people who are getting in the way. They have murdered innocent people by the millions; the earth is saturated with the blood and bones of the gulag and the killing fields and still, their "paradise" is not one inch closer.
The evil ones say
that they will "make the world safe for democracy": all they need to do is to drop enough bombs and start enough wars. And after all the wars and all the bloodshed, the world is far less free than when they began.
The evil ones say
that science is their religion, and that the world will be better when it is guided by rational "superior" humans guided by pure logic. And after all this time, what do they have to show for their efforts? Their science has created barbed wire, poison gas, brainwashing and the hydrogen bomb. Their science has created hundreds of new ways to make people feel sick so they can make billions selling them pills and step by step programs to "make it all better". Their science has invented new ways of creating babies in test tubes, and new ways of slaughtering babies before theyre born. Where is the logic in that? How is that "rational"?
The evil ones demand
to be able to spy on us every hour of every day; they demand total control of all that we feel and think; they demand control of where we travel, how we get there and what we can do when we arrive. They make laws that only apply to us, and never to them; they claim to be for peace while their bodyguards bristle with weapons; and they do their worst in trying to disarm us while they unleash a tidal wave of thugs and gangsters into our streets and homes. And in all of this, they ask for our love and devotion, and demand that we pay them as tribute with money that we have earned by the sweat of our brows. And then, they have the nerve to call it our "patriotic duty", the "price for civilization". As if legalized theft can EVER be civilized. As if patriotism can defined as giving half your money to a pack of tax fattened vampires, just so they can control every aspect of your life.
The evil ones say
that there is no GOD at all, and then demand that we the people worship them as if THEY were gods.
But they are not gods; they are devils.
The Real GOD does not want blood.
The Real GOD wants your love, your honor, your allegiance and your loyalty. GOD wants we the people to be free. ALL the people, not just some self righteous, self serving "elite". God loves ALL human beings, not just some spurious "master race" or "chosen people".All of the so called "chosen ones" are evil doers, and all of their gods are devils
GOD wants all of us
to know and feel the absolute beauty of all the vast cosmos that GOD has made, and to be able to share in that beauty. All of our lives should be beautiful, not ugly, and we the people are called by GOD to make ourselves truly beautiful, and to make beautiful our part of this world
GOD wants we the people to know the truth:
the truth about how the universe began, how life was born, where humanity comes from, and the place that we the people in this vast and beautiful universe which GOD has brought about. Knowing the truth will help us to become free, and only a free people can make the world truly beautiful.
GOD wants us to be at peace.
Actual peace, not just the absence of fighting or bloodshed or conflict. REAL peace, not th fake kind that comes from getting drunk or stoned or any other way of shutting out the truth. The kind of peace that isnt declared by kings or presidents or the other so called "leaders" of our time. The kind of peace that can only come from the true love of GOD, feeling the love that GOD has for all of us.
A True Believer wants what GOD wants.
Now you have to ask yourself: what do you want? Will you become a True Believer and know true peace and love? Or will you continue to be the slave of those who demand blood? That choice is up to you.
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